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A former inmate, an unemployed immigrant and a successful businessman are the three protagonists of this portrait of inland Catalonia, where the challenge of integrating newcomers and tolerance of the people of the country is revealed, under the threat of demagogic extremisms.

Catalunya Über Alles

Technical details

Title: Catalunya Über Alles!
Genre: Dramedy
Directed by: Ramon Térmens
Written by: Daniel Faraldo, Ramon Térmens
Producers: Ramon Térmens, Víctor H. Torner
Music: Glissando
Cinematography: Oriol Bosch
Editing: Víctor H. Torner, Anna Térmens
Postproduction: Víctor H. Torner
Cast: David Arribas
Art direction: Albert Arribas
Costume design: Marta Alsina, Aitziber Sanz


Politician – Jordi Dauder
New neighboor’s mother – Vicky Peña
Collection agent – Babou Cham
New neighboor – Gonzalo Cunill
Businessman – Joel Joan
Businessman’s wife – Belén Fabra