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When a small-time thug botches a drug deal, he finds himself in hot water with some very dangerous mob bosses, not to mention his own wife and daughter. This gritty crime drama follows the gangster as he attempts to correct both his disasters.


Technical details

Title: Myway
Genre: Drama
Directed by: José Antonio Salgot
Written by: José Antonio Salgot
Producers: Jordi Rediu, Norbert Llaràs, José Antonio Salgot
Cinematography: Oriol Vila
Music: Joan Miquel Oliver
Editing: Irene Blecua
Art direction: Leo Casamitjana
Costume design: Valentina Ducet


Marco – Ariel Casas
Tes – Silvia Marsó
Carla – Susana Fawaz
Rafa – Jordi Sánchez
Dolors – Asunción Balaguer