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Released 18 April 2018.

We are never alone


A paranoid prison guard moves into a village flanked by a state motorway. He befriends his new neighbour, an unemployed hypochondriac supported by his wife, working in the local grocery. Weary of life and caring for her two sons, she develops an attraction to the nightclub bouncer, but he is in love with the club stripper, who is in turn waiting for the father of her child to return from the same prison where our prison guard works. A story about the demons of our days.

Technical details

Original Title: Nikdy Nejsme Sami
English Title: We Are Never Alone
Genre: Drama
Nationality: Czech Republic
Directed and Written by: Petr Vaclav
Language: Czech (avalaible with english subtitles)
Duration 101 min / Aspect Ratio 1.77:1 / Audio 5.1


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